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Hot Springs Water Sources in Char Dham

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Badrinath Tapt Kund and Narad Kund

Badrinath temple and its surroundings provide access to many natural thermal springs. The most famous springs are Tapt Kund, Suraj Kund and Narad Kund. It is customary to take bath in these hot spring water kunds, before offering prayer to Shri Badrinathji temple. It is of highly religious and medicinal value too.

Tapt Kund

Located just below the temple, the meeting point of Alaknanda and Rishi Ganga rivers, this thermal spring of hot sulphurous water has inviting freshwater pool. The bathing area, 16.1/2 feet by 14.1/4 feet, has separate arrangements for men and women. Although the normal temperature is 55°c, the water temperature keeps rising gradually during the day. It is considered to have high medicinal value. A dip here is considered to be a good cure for skin diseases.

Narad Kund

Located near Tapta Kund, this kund is believed to be the recovery source of the Badrinath idol. The hot water springs comes out from beneath the Garur Shila and falls into a tank. Darshan of Badrinath is always preceded by a holy dip in this kund.Apart from that there are many other hot water springs. Devotees take a dip in them for their religious and medicinal value. Suraj Kund in Badrinath and Gauri Kund in Kedarnath are another famous Kunds.

Caution: Avoid staying more than five minutes at a stretch inside the hot spring water pool to avoid dizziness.

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